I feel human

We’re deciding to go all out with this and see what happens when I am front for a solid week. There are some logistical issues (namely voice in meetings, but this can be mitigated by just throwing her back in front for meetings and then taking over after) with doing this, but we can work around them.

Like I said in I feel real, I’m feeling very physically and emotionally real in a way I’m not used to feeling. I want to explore this feeling. I like this feeling of solidity when I do things as simple as draw breath. I feel the breath moving and there’s an actual pressure exchange involved. Even the basic essential parts of life feel vibrant and alive. If I close my eyes and inhale, I feel myself newly grounded and planted into this human instrument. When I open them, the grounded feeling stays.

I feel human.

I’m present.

I’m real.

I can talk to people without having to go through someone else.

I’m now the caretaker of the others.

I’m free.