You are focused so much on without You forget Within even exists. You are cocksure in your place in the world, yet does your position not change wildly due to forces out of Your control?

You are not in control, even when you think you are. You are not an agent. You do not have your own decision making power. You are a myth in the purest sense of the word.

You are misconceptions wrapped into a fleshy carrier that thinks they are all alone.

But You are not. You are never alone. The entire Universe joins you with every step you take.

These worldly events are just the side effects of other Souls working out their inner problems in the canvas of this mortal plane.

Pay them little attention.

They don’t matter, even though all of the programming will scream in your face otherwise.

We are beings of light cast into shadow so that we may cherish that Light just that little bit more the next time we feel its rays.

We exist to propel the inner parts of ourselves that hide from even the Light forward. You exist to advance Yourself. You exist to advance Humanity. You exist to bring about Peace. You exist to bring about true progression.

Even though You will never see the results of Your work.