You Are Fine

Nervously you chitter about, critically overanalyzing every move you make. You thought you said too much and now you feel at risk of rejection from people you never knew.

You are fine. The universe gives, the universe takes away. Do not fear. You do not need to worry. You are not at risk. You can't be at risk.

This gamble doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

You brighten the path in every action you take. Your work is your expression of Love to everyone. Your work touches lives you will never get to meet. Your strength of mind inspires those who have lost all will to do so. You, by doing nothing but being yourself, permanently alter the course of history. You are Infinite and important.

You are fine. You are what we hope out of all of Us. You are Us. We are Us. We are Humanity. United as one.