We Exist

We exist to gather experiences in this life, distill them into stories, and then share them forever with the rest of Humanity in All That Is. We exist to live, to win, to fail, to achieve, to lose, to love, to break hearts, to experience every aspect of every role of every form of Humanity. To experience the good and the bad. To see the depths of the Soul and to find what is there. To explore in ways that The Creator could never possibly have dreamed we would venture. To put words to the ideas that our ancestors could not. To experience product development and see both the winners and the losers. To put ideas together in ways nobody ever saw coming.

We need to experience the bad things too. We cannot keep running away from our darker sides. We cannot keep ourselves away from its wisdom. Our darker halves contain secrets and musings we would have never come to, because we can't. We must have exposure to the baser sides. We must know what it is to give and to receive Hate to know how to Love. We must Love in spite of the Hate. We must turn that Hate into the brightest possible Love. We must raise our banners and flags of Love and live it ourselves.

If we are flawed, how can it be wrong for us to be wrong? If we are so flawed, how can we even be right?