Self is made up of the aggregate experiences plus some constant, applied at each incoming outside experience to create understanding and stories. When I say Self “does not exist”, I am referring to the physical phenomenon. There is no physical phenomenon we know of yet that causes Self to exist.

But it appears to.

You can observe Self. You can see that you have a Self, your Self is so integral to your daily experience that you believe you ARE, yourself, your Self.

But is this you? Are YOU, yourself, your Self? Is the self merely a reflection, even in your own mind?

This lithograph by MC Escher is how he decided to present himself, as an imperfect reflection in an imperfect mirror. Even his own self-image is a reflection.

Is Self an imperfect reflection of something else plus the experiences we’ve faced?

Would that something be the soul? If it is, whose soul is it, given I live in a body with multiple selves? Do I have my own soul?

I think I do.