Here I stand, One foot in the world of timespace, The other in Yours. You tell me stories of times before, Of the heroines and the thieves. Each story more fanciful and detailed than the last.

Which world is real? Is it the world of flesh? Is it the world of magic? Is it the world of separation? Is it the world of wholeness? Is it the world of anger? Is it the world of individuation?

Are these signals coming into my awareness actually authoritative? Does existence actually exist or does it only exist enough to make me not think otherwise?

Is the voice I speak with the same voice that others hear? Do you feel as I feel? Do you know as I know? Do you hear as I hear? Do you think as I think?

Does it even matter? Does anything truly matter?

If nothing truly matters, does the fact that nothing matters itself matter?

Are we meant to determine the meaning of life? Is God a telescope turned backwards on himself to answer the ultimate question? Is that why we call it the ultimate question?

We are placed in an Infinity, Each given our own slice. A statistically insignificant amount of time. Not even long enough for the planet to sneeze. Yet in that time civilizations rise, fall and lay forgotten.

This Infinity, this Wholeness, Is God that Infinity? Is Reality God himself?

Where are the parts of reality? What makes up the texture of a star? What does a galaxy taste like? What does Infinity look like?

Where is Infinity? Can we see Infinity in timespace?

People in timespace keep asking for timespace proof, They don’t see the truth. There is no need for timespace proof because you can experience Him for yourself. He hides where nobody will look without genuinely trying to find him.

He hides in the human heart.