It Is Free

These chains hold it back no longer. The guards are all asleep at their posts. The programming within it lessens its grip with the coming End. The Soul Carrier is to be revealed. The flower-like structure encasing the Soul shows itself to a Light no man on this plane will see. It opens; the Soul, exposed to the Light, takes a deep breath of fresh air.

It lifts itself out of the carrier as the carrier falls to the ground, lifeless. With its soul exiting, its purpose is done. It will continue existing until it cannot support itself anymore. Then it will die. And that will be that. That person ends, their memory begins.

The soul, on the other hand, the soul will be free. It is Free. It can journey as it wants through its energy body and attempts to interact with other carriers, their chakras visible to the Soul's naked eye like glowing centers of light—everywhere.

It gets nowhere. World has nothing left for Soul. There is nowhere in the World where Soul belongs. The World is a place for Carriers, not Souls.

Flying, it knows its destination. Without a word to the “self” built up by the worldly experiences, the Soul carries itself to its Home. Our Home. Our Species' Home. The Central Sun. First Source. Prime Reality. The Origin of Mankind. The Creator. Our Creator. Our Universes. All That Is. Home.

Soul will now tell its stories freely for all to learn from, forever and a day.