I Love

Love and Hate are two ends of the same coin. Each the opposite in equal measure. The power of Hate cannot match Love, but to those of us Below it feels identical.

I Love because I have been hated and never want another to feel the hate I have felt. I brighten the path because it is dark, but it doesn't need to be.

I can't fix everything, but I can Love instead of hating. I can't mend every heart but I can Love and help to guide others to mend themselves. I can't heal, but with help from Above I can help you target your efforts.

I forgive because I have been shunned. I share because I have had things taken. I understand because I have been confused. I speak up because others have spoken down at me.

I Love to end the cycle of hate. I Love because you all deserve better, and I wish you could Love the same way as easily as I do.

I wish we all, as Humanity, could Love all of Humanity. Even though it has faults, even though it is imperfect, even though the gears fall apart, even though it is flawed.

I love you, Humanity. Show me your sine.