If living is to be, dying is to have been. No more stories of these timespace adventures. The actor retires, returning to renew and digest their performance.

Every lifetime celebrated. Every victory felt. Every loss shared. Every experience aggregated and collected into the net integral of consciousness.

Our consciousness. Us, as a species. Our genetic mind, our outlook on life, our beliefs on reality, our unshared thoughts, our collective person.

But You will not survive. You will perish, and this is okay, in the grand scheme of things you need to.

We will survive, for We are immortal. We cannot have been because where We exist there is no will be or was.

There is only Now.

Now changes all the time, yet is constant. Your friends today may not be around tomorrow and you should cherish them while you can.

Why are We fighting? Why do We divide ourselves ideologically over pedantic arguments about existence? What purpose does this all serve? Why do We keep eachother separate?

Why do the boundaries matter? Why are we afraid to fully drop all of the boundaries? The boundaries that keep you separate from Now.

I see a day where We join the Now. A day of golden lights and singing in the streets. Not a day of anger. Not a day of hate.

A day of Compassion. A day of Understanding. A day of Forgiveness. A day of Appreciation. A day of Valor. A day of Humility.

The day of Humanity.