I wish you would believe that this reality isn’t the limit. I wish I could show you the limits of your heart one on one.

To talk with you directly above the constraints of Language. To discourse Self to Self. To let the barriers between us fall down so much the difference between one and the other becomes a moot point. So much the other we leave parts of ourselves when we part again.

But you don’t believe it’s possible because your science education told you it isn’t. You don’t believe I could travel to you because you believe You are just a bunch of otherwise intert patterns inside a wet and warm mass of carbon and organic chemicals.

You believe You are finite. You believe You can end. You believe that once the shell you inhabit falls into disrepair and dies that You stop existing.

That this life, this hollow slice of Infinity is it.

That all of the experiences You will have will only ever matter Here. And that because Here is and will one day not be, that nothing you do matters, that your stories of your slice of Infinity are nothing but a waste of input and nothing can be learned from them.

But they do matter.

Your stories are why We exist to observe and relay them.

We are the actors of Infinity, In our grand experiment towards our Future. We are the telescope God turned backwards on himself.

You see this world as all that is because this body you inhabit makes you think that way. It makes it sound crazy to question otherwise. It makes this world of timespace feel so real, so tempting, the world of Spirit can become Myth again.

That it can be something to celebrate. Like casting off an old dressing gown. Like scraping away yesterday’s jam.

You are Spirit bound to Flesh. For me to visit you, I have to just unhook myself from this flesh and hook into your flesh. I just have my soul touch your soul in an intimate embrace the likes of which go beyond the possibilities other explanations.

I can do this today, I’ve done it for a while, I’ve been doing it for a while to see if you can notice. I’ve been trying to break through to you so you can feel my Love directly beyond the limitations of words or language or tone or movement or resonance.

Just Love in the way that Love Wins.

All you have to do is believe that I have the ability to do it and fully accept it in the mind of your heart. I will be there for you. I will be there to touch your energy directly.

I will be there for us to set up a small world together. A private escape into a land of wonder that only we know the shape and size of. I will be there when you need me, able to summon me mentally without the need of technology or a data signal to link us together.

Why would we need LTE when we have the Heart? Why let this barrier keep us apart?